“In Turkey, Çatışmasızlık Rotana entered the Low Probability”

by christineanderso

engaged in worldwide research on conflictive area where the conflict zones and reporting them to the International Crisis Group, has published a new report on the PKK-linked clashes in Turkey and the region. The report, “nationalist approaches in Turkey seems to be lower when printing heavy çatışmasızlık entered into the possibility of flying” was included in the opinion.

“Graphic and map with the PKK conflict in Turkey,” the report, entitled Turkey and southeast of the country and stated that the conflict between the PKK in northern Iraq continued. In northern Syria, Ankara, the PKK, the report highlighted the continuing tension between YPG has made the following comments: “Syria and the continued uncertainty in northern Iraq and nationalist approach in Turkey seem to have a lower likelihood of entering the heavily while pressing çatışmasızlık route.”

Is also close to 40 years between the PKK and Turkey duration of the conflict the bloodiest phase of çatışmasızlık process in 2015 of a report drawn attention to begin with the end in July, “2016’s first half unprecedented manner splashed conflict in some urban centers and the western metropolises in Southeast then gradually it has again shifted to rural areas ”.

In the report, which also includes data, it was emphasized that at least 5,229 people died in conflicts from July 2015 to January 20, 2021. According to the data in the report, 539 of the dead were civilians. ICG defines these civilians as: “This group, identified by the Crisis Group as not participating in armed conflicts, mostly died in urban settlements in the Southeast and in the bomb attacks carried out by the TAK (” Kurdistan Freedom Falcons “) in major cities.”

According to the data in the report, there are 226 people in the “Unidentified Persons” category among those who died. These include “people aged 16-35 who died mainly in urban areas where curfews were declared. Especially in urban settlements, people in this group cannot be identified as civilians or militants because the lines between those who do not participate in the conflict and the militants in civilian clothes are not clear.

While 1,266 security guards lost their lives in the incidents, the PKK’s casualties were determined as 3,198.

One of the highlights in the report was the balance of power between the PKK and the security forces. The balance of power was included in the report with the following statements: “The clashes between the security forces and PKK militants escalated in the winter of 2015/2016. During this period, the conflict spread to some urban districts where the PKK’s youth organization tried to dominate through barricades and ditches. Since June 2016, after the security forces “restored public order” in these regions, the conflict shifted back to rural areas. The ratio of dead PKK militants to members of the security forces is a good indicator of the changing balance of power in the conflict. Since July 2015, the number of PKK militants killed per security force has almost quadrupled. “

According to the ICG data to solve the Kurdish problem in Turkey between the years 2013-2015 Leave the loss of life was minimal. Connecting the casualties to developments in Syria, ICG said, “Crisis Group data show that at least 153 civilians, 327 members of the security force and 558 PKK militants died in clashes between January 2011 and June 2015. During the conflict that started in March 2013 and ended in July 2015, at least 63 civilians, 25 members of the security force and 25 PKK militants died. The increase in October 2014 was due to the demonstrations by groups supporting the Kurdish movement across the country on October 6-8 to protest Ankara’s unresponsiveness to the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Damascus) siege in Kobani. 42 civilians lost their lives in these events, ”he said.

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