U.S. Foreign Affairs Approves 3,000 Smart Bomb Sale to Saudi Arabia

by christineanderso

The US State Department approved the sale of 3,000 precision-guided weapons to Saudi Arabia. It is stated that the sales price will be 290 billion dollars. However, this does not mean that the sale was made or the agreement was reached.

The timing of this sale is also important, as the new president of the United States, Joe Biden, has promised to stop the arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Biden said he would take this decision to put pressure on the Saudi administration to end the war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, which has caused the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent years.

In the statement of the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) on the subject, it was stated that 3 thousand GBU-39 smart bombs, carriers and technical devices related to the bombs will be sold to Saudi Arabia.

“The sale in question will increase Saudi Arabia’s ability to address future threats by increasing its long-range, sensitive air-to-ground ammunition stocks,” the statement said. The statement also emphasized that smart bombs are effective weapons.

The US Defense Cooperation Agency also informed Congress about the possible sale. Members of Congress opposed the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia due to civilian casualties in Yemen and had previously impeded the sale of F-35 aircraft.

The approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the sale does not mean that the sales agreement has been signed or the negotiations have ended.

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