Israel is the Country with the Fastest Vaccination by Population Rate

by christineanderso

Israel is still the country with the fastest vaccination campaign in the world according to the population. In the country, with the new restrictions that started on Sunday, vaccination has also been accelerated. So far, 280,000 doses of vaccine have been administered, according to the Israeli officials’ statement.

In Israel, the government is working to ensure that vaccination centers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that efforts are being made to increase the daily amount of vaccine to 150,000 doses, which will be provided by next weekend. Some gyms in the country have also been converted into vaccination centers.

Netanyahu said that thanks to this intensive campaign, it is aimed to complete the vaccination process of the elderly and people in risk groups in the country by the end of January. This means that 25 percent of the Israeli population of 9 million will be vaccinated.

In Israel, Corona virus tests and Corona virus vaccine are also available free of charge. Israel made an agreement to receive 8 million doses of the Corona virus vaccine, originally produced by Pfizer and BioNTech.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was one of the first in the country to get vaccinated against cameras.

Addressing the public on television, the Israeli Prime Minister said, “As soon as this stage is complete. “We can get rid of the Corona virus, reopen the economy and start doing things that no country can do,” he said.

Political experts comment that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has been criticized for mismanaging the Corona virus crisis, hopes to increase his votes before the early general elections to be held on March 23 with a rapid vaccination campaign.

As of Sunday, Israel has gone to a closure of at least three weeks across the country for the third time. While around 400 thousand cases of Corona virus have been seen in Israel so far, 3 thousand 210 people have died.

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