Lebanon refugee camp set on fire

by christineanderso

A Syrian refugee camp in northern Lebanon was set on fire after a fight between the camp residents and a Lebanese family.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees also confirmed that there was a big fire in the Miniyeh camp, and that the people injured in the fire were treated in the hospital. However, no details about how many people were injured were shared.

Khaled Kabbara, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, told AFP News Agency that the fire spread to all tents. It was also shared that 75 families were staying in the camp.

Media outlets in Lebanon state that the cause of the fire was a fight between a Lebanese family and Syrians staying in the camp. Some of the Lebanese family allegedly started the fire.

It was stated that the fire department and the police intervened together to put out the fire.

On the other hand, a security official who informed AFP about the incident said that gunfire was heard during the fight. The incident is thought to stem from a controversy over Syrian workers demanding their salaries. Another claim is that a Syrian woman was harassed and the fight started over it.

Kabbara said that some families staying in the camp fled after hearing the sounds of guns and explosions, and the explosions were caused by the tubes in the camp.

According to official data, 1.5 million Syrians live in Lebanon. 1 million of them are people who have been registered as refugees by the UN.

In November, after a Syrian refugee hit a Lebanese person, around 270 Syrian families fled to a town in northern Lebanon.

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