Iran May Transfer Money to Purchase Corona Vaccine

by christineanderso

Iran has received approval from the United States in order to transfer money to purchase Corona virus vaccine.

Iranian Central Bank governor Abdulnasir Hemmati announced that an Iranian bank has received approval from the US Treasury Department’s Foreign Assets Control Unit to transfer a certain amount to Swiss banks to purchase the vaccine.

“Americans are imposing sanctions on all our banks,” Hemmati told state television. They accepted this one-time event under the pressure of the world public opinion ”.

There was no comment from the US administrators regarding the statements of the Central Bank of Iran.

Hemmati said that Iran will transfer $ 244 million for the 16.8 million doses of vaccine to be purchased.

In their previous statements, Iranian officials frequently stated that they wanted to buy the COVAX vaccine developed against the Corona virus, but could not pay due to the US sanctions.

Registration of volunteers from the public for the domestic vaccine trials developed in Iran has also started. On the other hand, Vice President of the Republican Guard, Muhammed Reza Nakdi, said that they do not recommend foreign vaccinations to be given to the Republican Guard and volunteer militias.

Iran has been one of the countries where the Corona virus hit most in the Middle East. According to official data, 54 thousand 308 people died in the country. However, it is claimed that the real figure is much higher than this.

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