Israel Closes Completely Once Again for 14 Days

by christineanderso

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the country will be closed for the third time as part of the fight against the Corona virus outbreak.

The completely closing application will start on Sunday evening and will be valid for 14 days. The closing decision is expected to be approved by the Council of Ministers.

All shops, shops and shopping malls will be closed for 14 days in Israel within the framework of the full closure decision. Students will only be able to attend schools within a kilometer of their home. Those who have a school further away will not have to attend. Public transport services will be restricted. Only places such as markets and pharmacies will be open.

Christians living in the country will be able to gather at homes, provided that they do not exceed 10 people due to Christmas. There will be a limit of 100 people for Christmas celebrations to be held outdoors.

On the other hand, vaccination studies continue in Israel. Minister of Health Yuli Edelstein told Army Radio that they expect the vaccination work across the country to end within a few months.

In Israel, where 9 million people live, more than 385 thousand cases of Corona virus have been encountered so far. 3 thousand 150 people died due to the epidemic in the country. Finally, it was announced that 4 people in Israel had a new type of virus detected in England.

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