9 arrests for the kidnapping of an Iranian opponent of the regime

by christineanderso

Iranian state television broadcasted footage of Habib Farajollah Chaab, one of the leaders of the Arab Struggle for the Liberation of the regime opponent Ahvaz Movement (ASMLA) on November 2.

Chaab, who came to Istanbul from Stockholm to meet with his ex-wife on October 9, was never heard from again.

Determining that the ASMLA leader was captured by Iranian intelligence and smuggled from Van to Iran, the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) captured 11 people in operations with police in four provinces. While 9 of those captured were arrested by the court they were taken from, two people were released on a judicial control order.

Turkish intelligence, abduction operation the Iranian drug baron with many criminal cases in Turkey Naci Zindaş and found that organized the team.

Who is Naci Zindaşti, whose name has come to the fore frequently in the Turkish media?

Iran’s Urmia was Zindaş 46-year-old was born in the city for many years Seyduna new identity Sharif Kamal vehicles in Turkey in 2007, he was arrested for allegedly having captured 74 kilograms of heroin in Büyükçekmece.

In 2010, he was released in the court where he was taken, benefiting from the effective repentance provisions of the court president despite the opposing game.

In the Turkish media, Zindaşti, who was arrested on 20 April 2018 due to the murders of Iranian Saeed Karimian and drug lord Çetin Koç, was released on 11 October 2018 with the decision of the criminal judge of peace, while the investigation was still ongoing, the former AKP deputy and chief advisor to the President, Burhan, who died recently due to the Corona virus. Lamb was claimed to be effective. Zindaşti has been a fugitive for over two years.

Timur Soykan, author of the book titled “Barons War – Behind the Scenes of the Zindaşti Incident” says that the investigation file on Zindaşti includes HTS records of many meetings between Kuzu and Zindaşti and his team.

Timur Soykan: “ There is a trace of Zindaşti in the murders of two Iranians ”

Soykan says that Turkish security and intelligence first identified the relationship between Zindaşti and Iranian intelligence for the first time when investigating the Masoud Molavi Vardanjani murder committed in Şişli Esentepe on November 14, 2019.

Answering the questions of VOA Turkish, Soykan said, “Vardanjani, who is claimed to be one of the wonderful children of the cyber world during the murder, was killed with a silencer gun while Ali Esfanjani was with him. Esfanjani is on the run. Vardanjani was commenting on Iran on the telegram. Istanbul Police Intelligence and MIT focused on 12 suspects, seven of them Iranian and 5 of them Turkish. Finally he found the gunman. The person driving Zindaşti was the brother of Abdulvahap Koçak. Koçak did not accept the accusations. But the police allegedly had images of dating with Esfanjani. It is stated that Esfanjani fled Van to Iran, just like the Chaab incident. There is another Iranian murder allegedly linked to Zindaşti. On the evening of April 29, 2017, Saeed Karimian, the owner of Gem TV, which broadcasts Turkish TV series in Iran and Arab countries, was killed by two people wearing chador in his car after being caught in a crossfire in Maslak. Ali Koçak, the brother of Abdulvahap Koçak, who is alleged to be the hitman of the Şişli murder, is being sought as a fugitive. All these show that there are traces of Zindaşti in the murders. ”

” Turkey is clearly to Iran ‘I would you to decipher’ says ”

Sisli and Maslak killings provided the much discussed in Turkey. However Located in the international media, ” Turkey, Iranian opposition for not being a safe ” dissident after news of the kidnapping operation was conducted following the Chaabi shared with the media in detail. Timur Soykan, gave the opinion that Turkey is no longer a clear message to Iran.

” Turkey is clearly to Iran ‘I would you to decipher’ he says, and then show that high-pitched capitulating to covert operations in Turkey will make the Iranian intelligence. I have been following this event for a long time. As you know, it was announced by his family that Bahtiyar Fırat, the nephew of his wife Zindaşti, was detained by the intelligence on October 14, just days after Chaab was kidnapped. We could not understand exactly what the incident was. After the Washington Post’s report published yesterday, the pieces are in place. Turkish intelligence preferred the American newspaper to share information on the latest operation with the national media. I interpret this as a response to the adverse publications that have been made especially in the Israeli and Western media such as “You are investigating the Khashoggi murder but you are silent about the murders of Iran”. In fact, it should be reminded that a Turkish official who spoke to Reuters anonymously after the Vardanjani murder said that the assassination order was given by two Iranians carrying diplomatic passports. ”

Naci Şerifi Zindaşti, who is the suspect of the abduction of the opponent of the regime, Habib Farajollah Chaab, was last screened in Urumiye, Iran during his mother’s funeral on September 13, 2020. Zindaşti shared these images on his twitter account.

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