Dissident Journalist Executed in Iran

by christineanderso

The Iranian opposition journalist, accused of promoting anti-government protests in Iran, was executed. The execution news of 47-year-old Ruhullah Zam was announced on Iran’s official television channel.

Zam, who mainly wrote his articles on Amadnews blog page and has more than a million followers, was captured by Iran in 2019 and brought back to Iran after fleeing from Iran where he was oppressed and living in France for a while.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have not provided detailed information on Zam’s capture in 2019. However, Nour News Agency, known for its proximity to the Guards, reported last week that Zam was captured and brought to Iran while traveling to Iraq in 2019.

In the statement published today on the state television, the statements “The director of the anti-revolution Amadnews news network was hanged this morning” was used. The statement also described Zam as the “leader of the rebellion”.

The court, which ruled on Zam in June, sentenced the opposition journalist to death on charges of “corruption in the world”, usually given to those arrested for espionage and an attempt to overthrow the government.

France and many human rights organizations, where Zam’s son applied for asylum, also reacted to this decision.

Zam was one of many opponents convicted of playing a provocative role in the anti-government protests that broke out in Iran in 2017.

The Iranian administration, especially in recent months, detained many opponents who fled due to the pressure it faced in the country as a result of intelligence operations abroad and brought them back to Tehran for trial.

Reaction from human rights defenders

In the message shared on the official Twitter account of Reporters Without Borders (RSF), it was stated that “The RSF is horrified by this new crime of the Iranian judiciary and sees the name behind this execution as the Supreme Leader Ayatollah.”

Diana Eltahawy of Amnesty International expressed her reaction by saying, “Zam’s execution is a deadly blow to freedom of expression in Iran and shows how cruel Iranian officials can be to spread fear and silence the opposition.”

Iranian officials claim that anti-government Iranians living abroad played a role in the 2017 protests that emerged in response to economic difficulties in the country, and that America and Saudi Arabia also supported it.

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