US Shoots Al Shabab Militants with Air Operation

by christineanderso

US forces stationed in Somalia killed 8 al-Shabaab militants and injured them both in an air operation.

General Stephen Townsen, commander of the US forces in Africa, said, “We will continue our pressure on the al-Shabaab organization. “They continue to undermine security in Somalia and need to be repressed and neutralized,” he said.

In the AFRICOM statement, it was stated that two separate air operations were carried out against members of Al Shabab, and terrorists who had important roles in the production of explosives and the production of bomb vehicles were targeted. It was stated that civilians were not harmed in the operations.

The operations came after US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of 700 US troops stationed in Somalia. In its statement on the subject, the Pentagon stated that the withdrawal will be made in early 2021, that the troops to be withdrawn from Somalia will be shifted to Kenya and Djibouti, where they will continue to fight against the al-Shabaab organization.

AFRICOM Commander General Townsend said in a statement that Al Shabaab is still a dangerous terrorist organization as a branch of Al Qaeda.

Al-Shabaab affiliated with Al Qaeda organizes dozens of attacks in Somalia every year, especially with bomb-laden vehicles. Government members, security forces and US forces are targeted in the attacks.

According to AFRICOM data, the Al Shabab terrorist organization has carried out around 45 bomb-laden vehicle attacks in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, since 2018. More than 400 people died in these attacks.

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